Specialist Vocational Interview and Coaching

Specialist Vocational Interview and Coaching


  • Full report of suitable careers
  • Vocational Action Plan
  • CV and job interview preparation
  • Improved motivation, confidence
  • RTW support and preparation

Method of delivery

Carried out by registered psychologists with specialist coaching skills, usually offered via video conferenceing and phone

Purpose of the Service

Specialist vocational interview and coaching is to identify suitable alternative employment, elicit and work through RTW obstacles to enable individuals to successfully move into alternative employment

What is Specialist Vocational Interview and Coaching?

Our vocational coaching
service identifies transferable skills, strengths, interests and values etc. to
assist the individual to identify the right job for them. In addition to this
it uses psychological analysis to help the individual dig deeper and understand
themselves better thus raise their awareness of the underlying limiting beliefs
that have been holding them back. The psychologist will then assist the
individual to make changes that address the obstacles. The coaching approach is
particularly effective in moving people forward who have become stuck or had
difficulty overcoming barriers. This time limited focused intervention has
enabled such individuals to progress more rapidly into work.  

The individual may have an idea of what they want to achieve but not know how to achieve it. This solution focussed
process applies psychological approaches to help set clear vocational goals and
identify exactly what the individual needs to build their motivation and effectiveness
for work. They are supported to identify their strengths and to build resilience,
confidence, emotional intelligence and ability to adapt and make changes to
accommodate their health condition.

The coaching is focused on achieving
goals and facilitates change by identifying different routes to achieve a goal,
which in turn has been shown to increase motivation and therefore the
likelihood of moving into employment. 

Who is this suitable for?

This type of assessment is used where
the individual is unable to return to their previous job and requires coaching
to overcome obstacles and to facilitate their move into alternative employment

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