Service Arrangements and Customer Advice During COVID 19.

We are following the latest guidance from the Government on Social Distancing and non-essential social contact and are keen to continue providing our services whilst maintaining the health, safety and welfare of our clients.

We are monitoring all services on a case by case basis and have postponed face to face assessments for the time being. We are keeping  in touch with customers to ensure they are kept updated with arrangements and that we are also aware of any change to their advice regarding this. 

We are carrying out all our usual services including assessments and ongoing vocational case management using phone or video calls, apart from Functional Capacity Assessments (FCEs). We are currently exploring a means of carrying out FCEs face to face once the restrictions start to be lifted to some extent and we are able to use large meeting rooms which would allow us to maintain social distancing.

Consent to provide services via video calls is obtained from the individual and in choosing the type of contact, we take into account their preferences, offer assistance with setting up the technology and a trial run to help them feel more comfortable with the medium.  

During this period we have also developed a fast track career redirection and support service which is likely to be useful as we come out of the lockdown where people have lost their jobs. We can individualise or modify this package to suit the needs of the individual and the customer requirements.

We will continue to monitor government guidelines and update our arrangements in accordance with these.

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