Occupational Health and Vocational Rehabilitation for employers

Occupational Health and Vocational Rehabilitation services for employers

Where an employee has a prolonged absence from work due to health or injury, Vocational Rehabilitation has an important role to play in a successful return to work.

At Ergocom, as Vocational Rehabilitation specialists, we are experienced at assisting employers in supporting their staff with successful Return To Work programmes. Working together with employer and employee we create a bespoke, structured programme of support, guidance and treatment focused on returning the employee successfully back to work.

Vocational Rehabilitation for employers

We recognise that each employee’s needs are unique, so our vocational rehabilitation programmes are specifically tailored to help each individual make a successful return to work at a pace that is right for them.

As an objective ‘third party’ with a good understanding of the difficulties of returning to work after a prolonged absence - from both an employer’s and employee’s perspective - the role of Case Manager is crucial to supporting an employee back into the workplace. The effective co-ordination and communication of each element of the programme, between all the parties involved, is vital in achieving a successful return to work.

The value of Vocational Rehabilitation in a successful return to work

An independent review of the scientific evidence on Vocational Rehabilitation commissioned by the Vocational Rehabilitation Task Group identified that there is:

  • A scientific evidence base for many aspects of vocational rehabilitation
  • A good business case for vocational rehabilitation, and more evidence on the cost-benefits than for many health and social policy areas
  • Strong evidence that proactive company approaches to sickness, together with the temporary provision of modified work and accommodations, are effective and cost-effective
  • That effective vocational rehabilitation depends on work-focused healthcare and accommodating workplaces. Both are necessary: they are inter-dependent and must be coordinated

A Vocational Rehabilitation approach to Occupational Health services

Ergocom differ from traditional occupational health services as we take a vocational rehabilitation perspective, adopting an holistic, biopsychosocial approach rather than a medical model.  

Before we take a referral we will speak with you/the referrer, to gain more information about the situation and what you need from the referral to ensure that we provide you with an assessment that best meets the needs of the case.

Occupational Health - vocational rehabilitation approach

We work closely with our clients, gaining a strong understanding of the business, discussing potential recommendations prior to completing any report to ensure that they are a really good fit for the needs of the business.  Our reports are detailed and will answer questions with as much clarity and definition as possible.  For example, we never use terms such as 'light duties' on their own - we would always define exactly what 'light duties' comprises of, identifying specific tasks and what they would look like in the employee’s role.

Whilst most Occupational Health providers are unlikely to work with employees to support their rehabilitation prior to them being work ready, we work with employees at the earliest stages to support their recovery and provide case management, rehabilitation and access to treatment services where needed.

For example, we have developed a rehabilitation service for employees experiencing symptoms of long covid who need support with their recovery and the transition back into the workplace. We also provide services such as education, ergonomic assessments, mediation, and line manager support, as well as return to work assessments.

Another advantage of adopting a vocational rehabilitation approach to occupational health is that it brings a broader perspective and includes areas not traditionally covered by occupational health, such as redeployment or career redirection support. Our redeployment and career redirection support services are valued by our insurance and corporate clients and include:

Career redirection

Vocational coaching

Transferable skills analysis

They can ensure employees are appropriately redeployed or can be part of a settlement package to ensure an employee is supported with the best transition into their next opportunity.

Vocational Rehabilitation – further information

Vocational Rehabilitation What works, for whom, and when?

A report commissioned by the Vocational Rehabilitation Task Group (a group of stakeholders representing the UK Government, employers, unions and insurers) in association with the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council (IIAC), to conduct this independent review of the scientific evidence on Vocational Rehabilitation

Ergocom are committed to Vocational Rehabilitation and are corporate members of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association.

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