Vocational Case Management

Vocational Case Management


  • Regular progress updates for the referrer
  • Return to work preparation
  • GRTW plan provision and review
  • Employer support and guidance on adjustments
  • Employee support and review
  • Case coordination
  • Safe and sustained return to work

Method of delivery

This service may be provided a combination of face to face, telephone or video conference as appropriate for each case and agreed with the referrer

Purpose of the Service

Vocational Case Management is required to facilitate and support a safe and sustainable return to work.

What is Vocational Case Management?

Rehabilitation Case Management is an active process involving the development and implementation of a tailored rehabilitation programme to support the individual and their employer to remain in or return to work. It is carried out by one of our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants (VRC)  and will include the coordination
of all parties and required treatments, engagement with the employee, treating practitioners, HR, Line Manager, Occ Health and Trade Unions. It involves a combination of provision including:

  • Return to work preparation
  • Creative solutions to address barriers
  • Guidance on adjustments and modifications to job roles 
  • Education on health conditions
  • Return to work planning and monitoring
  • Assistance and support for employer and employee 

Who is this suitable for?

This service usually follows a RTW assessment where Rehabilitation assistance has been identified as required to enable and support an individual to return to or remain in work. Evidence demonstrates that early referral brings more successful outcomes.

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