Vocational Rehabilitation for insurers

Independent Vocational Rehabilitation services for insurers

Where a group risk product, or group protection insurance is in place with employers, Vocational Rehabilitation is becoming increasingly valued in cases of long-term employee absences.

As independent vocational rehabilitation specialists for insurers, Ergocom are experts at working with claimants in helping a successful return to work.

Vocational Rehabilitation for insurers

Since 2008, we’ve been helping claims managers in the insurance market to manage their claims effectively by providing high quality specialised assessments together with timely return to work solutions.

We take the time and trouble to understand your needs and, working within the terms and definitions of the claimant’s policy, are committed to delivering assessments cost-effectively and to a very high standard. We have particular expertise in working with more complex cases and have had excellent results in achieving sustained return to work for individuals with prolonged absence from work.

Driven by our knowledge and expertise and coupled with our carefully refined processes, we ensure you get the perfect combination of services for each and every case.

Our vocational rehabilitation services adhere to strict professional codes of conduct and best practice in the industry. As corporate members of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association we work to the Standards and Code of Practice that the association sets for Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioners.

An earlier, successful return to work with Vocational Rehabilitation

Employee absence through ill health or injury is likely to affect every employer and can have a major financial and personal impact on the business and individual.

Providing rehabilitation support as early as possible can reduce absence and improve the outcome for the employee.

An early intervention with Vocational Rehabilitation within the first four weeks can significantly reduce the average length of absence, sometimes by as much as 50%.

Case Managers – vital to a successful return to work journey

We see the role of Case Manager as crucial in helping claim managers to manage their claims effectively and get the best return to work outcomes.

Effective co-ordination and communication of each element of the Vocational Rehabilitation programme, between all the parties involved, is vital in achieving a successful return to work. Our experienced Case Managers have a good understanding of the difficulties of returning to work after a prolonged absence - from both an employer’s and employee’s perspective. They are focused on supporting an employee back into the workplace and in keeping all parties informed and engaged at every step of the process.

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