Vocational Redirection Assessment

Vocational Redirection Assessment


  • A comprehensive report
  • Analysis of skills, aptitudes, interests, experience, abilities, barriers and limitations
  • Labour market analysis
  • Suitable alternative job matches
  • Recommendations for routes into alternative employment and costed rehabilitation support

Method of delivery

One of our vocational assessors will carry out a remote / videocall assessment or a face to face assessment, either in the claimant’s home or at a site local to them. As each person is unique, the consultant will use a variety of tools and assessments that will be tailored for each case according to their situation.

Purpose of the Service

Vocational Redirection Assessment is comprehensive assessment to explore alternative employment options and career potential and make recommendations for a sustained return to suitable employment

What is a Vocational Redirection Assessment?

A Vocational Assessment is the in depth process of determining an individual's interests, preferences, abilities, aptitudes and skills to identify vocational strengths, needs, and career
potential. It takes into account any barriers or functional limitations and may use a variety of standardised techniques (e.g. pen and paper tests) or non-standardised approaches (e.g., interviews, observing people, history taking).     

Vocational assessment is part of the vocational guidance
process and identifies suitable alternative job roles based on the findings and local labour market analysis. It establishes routes into suitable job matches, any training requirements and potential salaries. 

A comprehensive report is provided which identifies a vocational goal, suitable career options and  with detailed information about job role, salary, training requirements/costs and a local labour market analysis. It includes costed recommendations for any assistance required  such as support, training, vocational counselling/coaching, CV development, interview preparation etc. in order to address any barriers and facilitate a sustained return to work into alternative employment. 

Who is this suitable for?

This type of assessment is used when the individual is unable to return to their former role and comprehensive assessment is required to provide a clear understanding of
what job roles the individual can do and what is needed for them to obtain suitable
alternative employment.

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