Functional Rehabilitation Programme

Functional Rehabilitation Programme


Improved condition management

Return to or remain in work

Method of delivery

Video sessions with factsheets, resources and toolkit

Purpose of the Service

The aim is to assist employees and employers to manage long term and fluctuating health conditions in the workplace to facilitate sustained work engagement.

It is especially suited to supporting sufferers of Long Covid back to work.

What is a Functional Rehabilitation Programme?

The programme consists of a course of six one to one sessions using a workshop style approach, but tailored to the individual situation and needs. The programme provides a toolkit of strategies, information and resources with tasks set between sessions to aid practical application of learning. The course includes the following topics:

The interaction between health dimensions that can affect energy and function –physical, mental, psychological, social, spiritual

Familiarity with the fine balance between activity, exercise, sleep and rest

The effects of fatigue, common energy “stealers and providers” and know how to use energy wisely for home and work;

Energy conservation and work simplification to minimise muscle fatigue, protect muscles and joints and minimise expenditure on time and energy, including identifying techniques for their personal use

Approaches to relaxation in promoting long term health and have identified relaxation techniques appropriate to their own needs.

Patterns of activity and how to engage in effective activity planning in supporting recovery and return to optimum function.

How to manage a recovery set back by understanding contributory causes and what steps to take to get back on track  

Application of strategies and principles learnt through the series of workshops in the workplace and supporting a sustained return to work

 Following completion of the sessions, additional return to work support can be offered.

Who is this suitable for?

Employees with long-term health conditions who are returning to work. This is particularly useful for individuals with fluctuating or invisible conditions such as mental health, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain or fatigue.

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