Vocational Rehabilitation for Long Covid

Vocational Rehabilitation for Long Covid

According to NHS England its thought that 60,000 people in the UK are suffering with Long Covid, still experiencing the symptoms and side effects of the virus long after first contracting it.

Returning to work after Long Covid

Organisations like the Royal College of General Practitioners believe this figure is likely to be an underestimate and it has been reported at an All-Party Parliamentary group that there could be as many as 300,000 people living with Long Covid in the UK.

Individuals suffering from poor health for a long time after having Covid-19 can experience a wide range of problems including breathlessness, heart problems, joint and muscle pain and neurological issues such as lack of concentration, fever, exhaustion and mental health issues. The physical and emotional symptoms of Long Covid can be debilitating and can prevent those having the condition from working for months.

Returning to work after Long Covid

Long Covid is recognised as a medical condition but the formal process of defining it is ongoing. With such a wide range of symptoms its impact has to be assessed for each individual to find the extent to which it will affect their lives and their ability to work. A blanket approach really isn’t possible which means talking with each employee to identify how it affects them and deciding on the support that they will need.

For some employees it might result in a prolonged absence from work, for others it might mean making temporary adjustments to working practices such as reduced hours or being temporarily allocated different responsibilities.

Whatever the situation Vocational Rehabilitation has an important role to play in facilitating an employee’s successful, well-managed return to work.

How Vocational Rehabilitation can help a return to work after Long Covid

Because of the variety and complexity of the symptoms of Long Covid it’s unlikely that recovery will be take a straight-line trajectory, especially as many patients have fluctuating symptoms which could result in a sudden relapse.

Each case is different and should be evaluated individually. Consequently, adopting a bespoke approach is likely to be the best way to facilitate a successful return to work for both employees and employers. This fits in with Ergocom’s approach, the range of services that we offer and our expertise in dealing with complex Return To Work cases.

We help employers keep in touch with, and manage, employees successful Return To Work. In these difficult times it’s important that employees know there is support out there for them. We are well placed to assist employers in supporting their staff.

Our Functional Rehabilitation Programme, which is designed to help employees and employers manage long term and fluctuating health conditions in the workplace, is particulary suited to supporting people with the common symptoms of long covid back to work.

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Long Covid: 'How to define it and how to manage it.’ (British Medical Journal)

Ergocom are committed to Vocational Rehabilitation and are corporate members of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association.

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