Neurodiversity Assessment and Support

Neurodiversity Assessment and Support


  • Written report
  • Specific issues identified
  • Strategies recommended for the employee
  • Guidance for the employer on adjustments, training and support

Method of delivery

These assessments are carried out by one of our Occupational Psychologists and is usally face to face ideally carried out in the workplace.

Purpose of the service

We offer work focused assessments and support for neurodiverse employees. Our knowledgeable and skilled team will discuss the options with you and agree the most appropriate referral path as everyone is unique and every workplace poses different challenges.

What is a Neurodiversity Assessment?

Sometimes diagnostic assessment is appropriate, but often this is not necessary and an assessment of how someone is impacted at work is more beneficial, focusing on the challenges and possible solutions and accommodations.

How we help?

Ergocom have a team of Occupational Psychologists and occupation therapists who can provide a variety of support and interventions including specialist coaching, assistive technology, line manager support, and guidance on accommodations and adjustments.

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