Dyslexia Assessments

Dyslexia Assessments


  • Written report
  • Specific issues identified
  • Strategies recommended for the employee
  • Guidance for the employer on adjustments, training and support

Method of delivery

These assessments are carried out by one of our Occupational Psychologists and is usally face to face ideally carried out in the workplace.

Purpose of
the service

Dyslexia assessments are carried out to identify the individual's strengths and
weaknesses in the workplace and provide advice and guidance to them and their
employer so appropriate workplace support can be provided.

What is a
Dyslexia Diagnostic with Workplace Assessment?

It is a comprehensive assessment to
establish whether an individual has dyslexia. It provides information
about the individual’s strengths and weaknesses together with recommendations
for adjustments, training and support.  A Workplace
Dyslexia Assessment provides more job specific information and guidance on
reasonable adjustments that can be made for the individual in their specific
role and working environment. This can be arranged to take place alongside a
diagnostic assessment or at a later date.

A written report is provided to include findings
and recommendations.

Who is
this suitable for?

A diagnostic assessment may be beneficial where an
individual is experiencing significant difficulties  in the workplace,
particularly those who struggle with aspects of learning, reading, writing
and/or spelling and/or those find aspects of remembering and organising at work
difficult, or where an employee who has or thinks they may have dyslexia but
has not been provided with an appropriate assessment or support in the

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