Ergonomic Driving and Car Seating Assessment

Ergonomic Driving and Car Seating Assessment


  • Written report
  • Identified issues
  • Recommended solutions and advice

Method of delivery

Provided by specialist Occupational Therapists with the individual and their vehicle.

Purpose of the Service

A car seating assessment is carried out to ensure optimal driving position to reduce the risk of exacerbation of symptoms by providing guidance on adjustments and seating

What is a Diving and Car Seating Assessment?

A car -seating assessment is carried out in a stationary vehicle with the individual to looking at their driving/sitting position and make recommendations to reduce risk of injury.

We would recommend the active driving
assessment where the individual is accompanied for up to 40 minutes to observe postural and driving habits that may not be picked up from a static seated
assessment. The driving assessment uses active road time observation of postures during
a variety of driving manoeuvres as well as assessing driving position, seating and the vehicle. If equipment has to be loaded and unloaded as pat of the role manual handling will also be assessed. Photos and measurements of the individual and their vehicle are taken to identify any unhelpful postures or actions that could be aggravating pain or leading to injury in the future. The Assessor will provide recommendations and solutions to address any identified issues.

Ergocom can also advise on purchasing a
different vehicle and what features will suit the individual, their work
role, needs and stature.   

A written report detailing findings and any recommendations will be provided.

Who is this suitable for?

This type of assessment is helpful for people who drive as part of their job role and who have an injury or disability that may be exacerbated by driving. It is well documented that driving increases back pain.

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