Initial Needs Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment

Initial Needs Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment


  • A full written report
  • Idledntifierd rehabilitation and RTW support needs
  • Recommendations to facilitate a RTW
  • A costed Rehab Plan

Method of delivery

This is carried out by one of our experienced Vocational Rehablitation Consultants either by telepohone, video conference or face to face as agreed with the referrer.

Purpose of the Service

Initial Needs Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment is to provide a full picture of the individual's current situation to facilitate an early return to work

What is an Initial Needs Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment?

assessment (sometimes known as a Return to Work [RTW] Assessment) aims to establish rapport and engage the person early in their
vocational rehabilitation programme. We use a holistic approach to gather
information to gain a full picture of the individual’s current situation
including symptoms, treatment, physical, cognitive and mental functioning
together with psychosocial strengths and barriers to returning to work. If the claimant is not ready for a RTW the assessor will identify any treatment, preparation or assistance required to assist the individual to move into employment. This may include a Vocational Action Plan for the individual to identify Vocational Goals and steps to achieve the goal which provides the basis for rehabilitation and vocational case management.

This information is included in a comprehensive report that identifies the individuals needs and provides recommendations
to overcome the identified barriers and support the person and their employer with their return to work. A costed
Rehab Plan with timeframes will be provided to assist the insurer.

Who is this suitable for?

This type of assessment is helpful for people with a disability or health condition where their rehabilitation potential is unknown or it is felt they may benefit from assistance to return to or remain in work. It will help the insurer to understand what assistance is required to achieve a safe and sustained return to work. It is also helpful in cases where the individual has a deteriorating condition and their work situation needs to be reassessed.

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