Job Demands Analysis (JDA)

Job Demands Analysis (JDA)


  • Written report
  • Detailed description of job demands
  • Recommendations for training, rehabilitation or adaptations

Method of delivery

Carried out at the worksite with the employer. The employee may or may not be present depending on the referrer's requirements.

Purpose of the Service

Job Demands Analysis is to provide a detailed and accurate description of the job demands of an individual's role to assist in the return to work process.

What is a Job Demands Analysis?

It is a structured process designed to identify the specific physical, psychosocial and environmental requirements of a job. Information is collected through observation, measurement and interviews with managers and sometimes employees.  This onsite information is then analysed, compared and combined with reference literature on the role through O-Net.

This analysis results in a specific job description and occupational requirements of the individual's role which is documented in a full written report. This can be used to inform a Functional Capacity Evaluation to enable the individual's capacity to be measured against the very specific demands of the role identified. A JDA may also assist in identifying adjustments, ergonomics, role modifications and tailoring return to work plans.

Who is this suitable for?

This type of assessment is helpful to understand an individual's job role. This is commonly carried out to assist the return to work process for people with an injury or health condition where it is unclear if they are able to return to their former role.

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