Mobile working assessment

Mobile working assessment


  • Written report
  • Identified issues
  • Creative solutions
  • Advice on adjustments
  • Costed equipment list

Method of delivery

Experienced Occupational Therapists who specialise in ergonimics will carry out face to face assessment ususally in the main workplace and may involve travel to more than one site depending on the situation.

Purpose of the Service

A mobile working assessment ensures the optimal working position to reduce the risk of exacerbation of symptoms by providing guidance on adjustments to work environments and tasks where the individual is working in multiple sites

What is an Mobile Working Ergonomic Assessment?

Individuals are increasingly working at more than one worksite, travelling to customer sites, working whilst travelling or using hot desk systems that make it more difficult to ensure optimal positioning to reduce the risk of injury or re-injury. Ergocom specialises in carrying out Mobile Assessments that involve a thorough evaluation of the job tasks, travel and environments to identify any issues or risks and identify creative solutions to address these.

The assessment will include observation, measurements, photographs and discussion with the individual to gain a thorough understanding of the likely risks and issues for that individual. As with any ergonomic assessment the Assessor will make immediate adjustments to help reduce symptoms or potential for discomfort. 

A written report is provided with recommendations for adjustments, identified risks, costed equipment features and any actions to minimise risk of exacerbation of symptoms or re-injury.  

Who is this suitable for?

People with an injury or health condition who's job role involves mobile working arrangements and whose health condition results in them being off work or struggling at work will benefit from this comprehensive assessment of their work environments, mobile working arrangements and advice on adjustments and equipment to minimise risk of further injury or exacerbation of symptoms.

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