Psychological/Cognitive Assessment

Psychological/Cognitive Assessment


  • Written report
  • Identified cognitive strengths and deficits
  • Mental health status (where relevant)
  • RTW guidance on adjustments and strategies
  • Costed Vocational Rehab Plan

Method of delivery

These assessments are carried out face to face by chartered registered psychologists either at the individual's home or workplace

Purpose of the Service

Cognitive and Psychological Assessments gain a clear understanding of an individual's cognitive strengths and deficits in order to provide advice to the individual and their employer on adjustments and strategies to support a safe and sustained return to work.

What is a Psychological or Cognitive Assessment?

These assessments may include formal
neuropsychological psychometric testing to determine current levels of
cognitive functioning as well as individual observations. They are commonly
used for claimants with brain-injury and neurological or mental health
conditions. Typically, a neuropsychological assessment involves performance
based assessment of cognitive ability areas, such as: 

  • concentration and attention
  • memory
  • processing speed
  • reasoning
  • judgment
  • problem-solving
  • spatial functions
  • language

These assessments are tailored to the individual's work situation and the report
provided following the assessment includes advice regarding adaptations,
strategies and support that could help the individual remain in their own or
alternative role. 

Where the individual has a mental health condition we have health professionals who specialise in this area and who are able to observe the individual and administer assessment scales to ascertain mental health status and make recommendations.

Who is this suitable for?

This type of assessment is appropriate for people with a health condition that affects their cognitive function such as stroke, brain injury or neurological conditions, where it would assist the return to work process to have a clear understanding of their cognitive strengths and deficits to support the return to work.

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